May 08 2009

Use Conversation Audits for Your R&D

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With the recession in full swing, new product launches are down 51% in 2008. Firms are taking a more cautious approach to finding and developing new products, and axing ideas earlier in the development cycle. Continue Reading »

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May 03 2009

Superior Usability Was the Unexpected Surprise: The Web site I Can’t Live Without

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The most recent addition to my (long) list of Web sites I can’t live without is Netflix. I know that an entertainment site is an odd choice for something you can’t live without, but during a recession every penny counts, and Netflix is saving me thousands of pennies each month. What I didn’t expect was how much better my TV watching experience would become. Netflix has found a way to do way more with much less. My great-grandmother, who lived through the Depression, would have been so proud. Continue Reading »

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