Windows 7 Campaign Hits the Mark

Justin Kownacki is great at taking down marketing douchebags, but misses the mark when talking about Microsoft’s Windows 7 campaign.

The basic premise is that he takes Microsoft to task for treating the customer like they don’t understand the technology, they don’t care about the technology, and they’re lazy.  He is wrong – this campaign supports the customer and their goals. Continue reading “Windows 7 Campaign Hits the Mark”

Time for NPR’s Daniel Schorr to Retire

On timeline for health care bill in the Senate:
Uh, but of course the debate about the actual nuts and bolts of the legislation, that will go on for weeks or months…
Oh, that probably won’t start until well after Thanksgiving and it will go on and it’s predicted that it will be a matter of weeks and perhaps months and it’s going to be a real big showdown about whether a big piece of legislation like this can be enacted.
SS: Finally, Dan, Sarah Palin.
DS: Sarah Palin
SS: Bet you’ve seen her this week?
DS: I have seen a lot of her on television this week here and there and, uh, she’s done very well peddling her book.  There’s something about this country: it loves celebrities.  Whatever you may think, not everyone likes her, but some do, but whatever it is…
SS: Quite, quite a few do from the lines I’ve seen!
DS: And quite a few do and they’re on line, some of them even buying books, and this is America: Celebrityhood.
SS: Are we just jealous as fellow authors?
DS: Uh…
SS: I’ve never had lines like that for any of my book readings.
DS: I know, well, you know how it is.

I love Dan Schorr.  He is an absolute lion of journalism.  He was relentless on Watergate, was a Cold War staple in Germany, and is the last of Edward R. Murrow’s Boys that is still reporting.

But, the guy is 93 years old.  Listening to his commentary now is like listening to your great-grandparents.  They have amazing stories about things that happened half a century ago, but aren’t really with it when it comes to today’s news. Continue reading “Time for NPR’s Daniel Schorr to Retire”

The Difference Between Business and Leisure Travel

Penelope Trunk recently wrote about how to travel for business, with lots of really concrete practical tips.  Her overarching theme is an important one: when traveling for business, you are doing your job.  You are not having fun.  You are working – usually on one big, important thing that is meaningful both for the company and for your career.

When I travel for work, I make a point to live my regular life and maintain order, routine and normalcy.   Continue reading “The Difference Between Business and Leisure Travel”