Dec 21 2009

Liaise Makes Project Management A Breeze

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Do you write emails, then wonder what you asked people to do?  Then, you have to track down your emails and review them to see if people have done what they said or you have to keep a separate list of pending requests? It’s annoying, right? Enter LiaiseContinue Reading »

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Dec 17 2009

Twitter Contributors Adds Essential Business Functionality

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The hottest emerging media question of 2009 was “What is Twitter’s Business Model?”  Many pondered, many posited, and few hints were given.

But, taking a breath before committing to a revenue model is a good thing for Twitter.  A completely new, never-before-experienced service like Twitter needs time to grow.  Users need to play with it.  They need to see what’s possible.  Then, they need to decide how they are going to use it.  And Twitter used 2009 to really listen and understand its users and their needs.

Now, we’re starting to see the results of all that listening. Continue Reading »

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Dec 15 2009

Comcast Customer Service People Don’t Suck – But Their Systems Do

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Recently I logged in to my Comcast account to print off a copy of my bill.  There was a byzantine labyrinth of new authorizations to go through – apparently they are changing the interface to a “mySignIn” portal-style account information (incidentally, who else’s sign in would I be using?  Why the annoying, redundant nomenclature?).  So, of course, new Terms and Conditions to agree to, then on to the account information screen.

Wait, just one problem: under my account number I had a cryptic message that read, “This account may not be accessed until the owner makes the account secure.”

Uh oh.   Continue Reading »

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Dec 10 2009

Why Quotes from the Chinese are So Odd

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NPR’s coverage of China is really incredible.  I mean, they had Rob Gifford there for years, going into all these noooks and crannies and uncovering all of these really wonderful stories.  Now, they have lots of people with great voices reporting from China, like Luisa Lim (and Gifford is their London bureau chief). Continue Reading »

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Dec 07 2009

2012: The Future Is Full of Product Placement

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OK, I’ll admit it – I saw ‘2012’.  I didn’t go of my own volition – my arm was twisted by a disaster-movie junkie (Michael and I even saw ‘The Day After Tomorrow’ – in the theater, no less!).  But, I did learn that even at the end of days, with destruction imminent, brands will make us feel safer.

I didn’t go into this movie with a notepad in hand.  But, the product placement was so awkward and so overwhelming that I came out of the theater and wrote out this list of brands that I saw just to purge them out of my brain. Continue Reading »

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Dec 02 2009

Oh, ReadyMade, Why Hast Thou Forsaken Me?

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I used to love it, but I won’t be buying anyone else a gift subscription to ReadyMade Magazine.  And, frankly, they can keep the rest of my subscription as well.  No reason to send it to me anymore. Continue Reading »

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