Dec 21 2009

Liaise Makes Project Management A Breeze

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Do you write emails, then wonder what you asked people to do?  Then, you have to track down your emails and review them to see if people have done what they said or you have to keep a separate list of pending requests? It’s annoying, right? Enter Liaise

I am beta testing Liaise, and have found that it ramps up productivity, especially when working with multiple projects and large teams.

Liaise is an Outlook plugin that scans the copy in your email.  When it encounters text that looks like an Action Item, it translates the text into an assignment (they call them Key Points).  It automatically extrapolates relevant information like priority and due date based on the copy that you write.

So, if I wrote an email that says:

“John, can you please QA the site template by EOW?”

A new Key Point would be created that shows an Action for John, due by Friday.

You can review all your Key Points in one place, or filter the list by Initiative, so you can keep everything in one place, easily accessible.

And, Liaise is really committed to making sure the product works well.  Alon Novy, the co-founder and CTO, called me just to check in and see how the beta test was going. It was absolutely a delightful surprise to hear from him, and it shows this company has made a huge commitment to listening to its user community – a hallmark of today’s successful companies.

Liaise was the People’s Choice Winner at the 2009 DEMOfall event, and it’s easy to see why.  They are expecting to let you manage all of the Key Points in other ways besides Outlook – pushing you tasks and to-dos in the way that’s most convenient for you, while still allowing you to make assignments to others in the easiest way possible: through email.

I’m excited to keep playing with Liaise, and if you want to try it yourself, let me know and I can share an invite.

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  • Jamie

    Thanks for your feedback during the beta and for this post. We are committed to making Liaise the best product possible and invite further feedback.

    Sidney Minassian
    Founder & Chief Liaison
    Liaise Inc