2010 Is Here – Finally!

Today was the day that everyone’s collective brains switched back on. The Christmas chocolate and New Year’s boozefest has finally lifted, and the world has started creaking inevitably forward again.

Did you notice?

My inbox livened up, my calendar had appointment requests coming in, and in the office, the ideas were flowing.

“Finally!” I thought quietly to myself.

Don’t get me wrong – I enjoy the holidays, eggnog, stockings, caroling, Black Friday, crazy hats, staying up past midnight (when I can actually do it), etc. It’s a tradition I look forward to every year.

But, what really excites me is working on projects that I love – that’s what fuels me.  I want to work on projects that put me into a flow state. Those projects are picking up again, as everyone else gets back to the office, gets back to work, and generally gets going.

I love spending time with family, but you can only sit around playing cards, watching A Christmas Story, and making (slightly naughty) Christmas cookies for so many days.

So, bring on the mobile app development, the foursquare strategy, and the tiered viral seeding campaigns! I’m loving 2010 already!

Also, have you noticed a difference in attitude from others now that its 2010? I think 2009 was such a slog of a year for Americans – with the dire economic news at every turn, freaky weather increasing unpredictability, and a Christmas day terrorist thwarting – that collectively we were more than ready to turn the page on the past year.  For that matter, on the past decade, with it’s -0.5% stock market return (worse than the ’30s – and they had the Depression!), 9/11, Katrina, et.al.

So, here’ s to a decade that wasn’t, and 2020, here we come!