Jan 28 2010

How Customer Forums Will Make HR’s Job Easier

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After being neglected for years, company-sponsored forums and boards are being resurrected under the auspices of socializing brands.  For many complicated products and services, customers are self-sorting on forums, demonstrating their expertise and ability to solve problems for others.  If managed properly, today’s brightest customers will be tomorrow’s best employees.  Human Resources departments, which struggle to find candidates that are already knowledgeable about the business, will be able to source an active, engaged talent pool directly from their company resources.

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Jan 23 2010

The Shelf Life of Today’s Cameras

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This past weekend, my camera broke.  I’m not sure what happened, but the lens is stuck open and it won’t turn on.

Of course, no one even considers fixing electronics anymore, so I reluctantly started the search for a new camera on Monday. Continue Reading »

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Jan 20 2010

How More Content Leads to Better Content

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NBC’s Jeffrey Zucker is being attacked for his now-obvious misstep in moving Jay Leno to the 10 PM slot.  Leno has not done well in the slot, and NBC affiliates are screaming bloody murder that their lead-in to their 11 PM news slot (the most profitable broadcast of the day for most affiliates) has been decimated.

So, Zucker is pulling the plug, and the whole grand experiment of a chat show in primetime will come to an end.

But, while this experiment may have gone awry, it doesn’t mean that the long-term trends have changed.

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Jan 12 2010

Google To China: Not In My House

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Google has decided to allow uncensored search results in China.  But, the interesting part is why they decided to do so.  When Google started their Chinese site, in 2006, they came under a lot of criticism for allowing the Chinese government to censor the search results.  At the time, they decided they would rather operate in a less-than-ideal fashion than forgo the huge Chinese market altogether. Continue Reading »

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Jan 05 2010

2010 Is Here – Finally!

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Today was the day that everyone’s collective brains switched back on. The Christmas chocolate and New Year’s boozefest has finally lifted, and the world has started creaking inevitably forward again.

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