Feb 24 2010

Why You Should Not Become A Ballerina – How A Shifting Art Form Needs Different Expertise

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Dance has changed, therefore dancers have changed. Dance expertise has shifted from one dimensional to multi-dimensional.

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Feb 16 2010

Whatever You Do, Don’t Buy A House Right Now

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Confession time: I have been looking at houses online. I salivate over the new listings every day.

We are settled into Portland enough that buying a house seemed like a reasonable option.

But, this topsy turvy market really means that the best bet is to stay on the sidelines. I won’t be buying a house any time soon. And you shouldn’t either.

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Feb 08 2010

How to Become An Expert At Anything

Becoming an expert – a real expert – in something is not as difficult as you think. It involves work, for sure, but it does not involve as much work as you think. You can become an expert in something in four steps. Continue Reading »

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Feb 02 2010

The Six Stages of Customer Engagement in Social Media: Why Comcast Still Sucks

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Customer service can use social media to do an outstanding job, but the real problem is that the whole organization has to change to empower the customer. That’s much tougher than being available via Twitter. Continue Reading »

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