In-Depth Report on Ten Social Media Management Platforms

After working with the social media management space for a number of months, and watching a new industry being born, I thought it was about time for a comprehensive review of the products and tools that are out there. You can jump right over to download the report now.

If you are overwhelmed by managing multiple social media accounts, this report can help. It goes through all of the considerations for how to select the right tool for your team, including team needs like “campaigns vs. conversations,” scheduling, URL shortening, and analytics capabilities.

The report contains in-depth write ups on ten products, including:

Argyle Social

Awareness Social Marketing Software






Spredfast Social Media Management System

Sprinklr Social Media Marketing Solutions


It also includes a comprehensive evaluation checklist to determine how soon you should implement one of these tools.

Go download the full report, and please let me know what you think of it in the comments.

9 Replies to “In-Depth Report on Ten Social Media Management Platforms”

  1. Great to have your article. Yesterday ObjectiveMarketer went down, and my campaign stalled. So I had to find some substitut ASAP. Your article was a great help in sorting thing out, but it was an outsider I chose to use – Twaitter. Maybe you could add it to your eminent article?
    Thx anyway!

  2. Nice post,Twitter is all the rage. It seems like every person you meet is asking you to be their friend on Facebook. Blogging used to be a novelty, now it’s tough to find anyone that isn’t blogging these days. All three of these popular web concepts have a single important element in common, they are all two way streets when it comes to communication.Thanks for sharing the nice information.

  3. I have been looking at them from afar, and would love to hear your thoughts about how the platform works for you. One concern I think most corporate marketers have is access to Facebook Pages. Not sure if Twaitter does that?

  4. Maybe this lead to an article sometime in the past. Now it leads me to a signup page. Yet another promise to get pertinent information but being lead into giving up my precious personal information. BTW: no identifiable link to retrieve the article promised. Is this credible? Are you credible? Am I missing something?

  5. Thanks for your comment. I wrote this report for White Horse, my employer. Feel free to look around the White Horse site (which is where the link takes you, or you can check it out directly at, and decide for yourself if you think we are credible. For my part, I’ll just say that we have been working on the web since 1994, and have done social marketing since 2001 – since before it was called “social media.”

    There’s a wealth of content here, on the White Horse site, and across the web that’s available without registering. Some content is more valuable, though, and therefore the price of admission is slightly higher. If the trade off isn’t worth it to you, please continue to enjoy the stuff that’s available without registration.

  6. Having trouble locating the report. When I click on your link it goes to the Our World section on White Horse but there is no report there.  Am I missing it?  Please advise.  THANKS! 

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