Jan 12 2010

Google To China: Not In My House

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Google has decided to allow uncensored search results in China.  But, the interesting part is why they decided to do so.  When Google started their Chinese site, in 2006, they came under a lot of criticism for allowing the Chinese government to censor the search results.  At the time, they decided they would rather operate in a less-than-ideal fashion than forgo the huge Chinese market altogether. Continue Reading »

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Dec 10 2009

Why Quotes from the Chinese are So Odd

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NPR’s coverage of China is really incredible.  I mean, they had Rob Gifford there for years, going into all these noooks and crannies and uncovering all of these really wonderful stories.  Now, they have lots of people with great voices reporting from China, like Luisa Lim (and Gifford is their London bureau chief). Continue Reading »

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