Feb 02 2010

The Six Stages of Customer Engagement in Social Media: Why Comcast Still Sucks

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Customer service can use social media to do an outstanding job, but the real problem is that the whole organization has to change to empower the customer. That’s much tougher than being available via Twitter. Continue Reading »

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Dec 15 2009

Comcast Customer Service People Don’t Suck – But Their Systems Do

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Recently I logged in to my Comcast account to print off a copy of my bill.  There was a byzantine labyrinth of new authorizations to go through – apparently they are changing the interface to a “mySignIn” portal-style account information (incidentally, who else’s sign in would I be using?  Why the annoying, redundant nomenclature?).  So, of course, new Terms and Conditions to agree to, then on to the account information screen.

Wait, just one problem: under my account number I had a cryptic message that read, “This account may not be accessed until the owner makes the account secure.”

Uh oh.   Continue Reading »

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