Jan 28 2011

Groupon Locusts and the Coming Small Business Apocalypse

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Here’s my latest post on the White Horse Blog.

At the dawn of 2011, the hottest trend in social marketing is the “daily deal” Web site, of which Groupon is the poster child. I’m not restricting my ire to Groupon alone here, but since they are the best known, you can take every instance of “Groupon” in this post to mean “any daily-deal Web site.”

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Mar 27 2010

You Might Even Thank Facebook for Automatically Sharing Your Data with Other Sites

Facebook recently announced that they will give up personally identifiable information to certain “approved” sites that use Facebook Connect. Within the tech industry, this is seen as a scary invasion of privacy, but I am not sure if it is really a very big deal. This isn’t a very big step forward from a marketing perspective, and in the end, most users will be better off.

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Nov 26 2009

The Facebook Era: Useless for Intended Audience

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Clara Shih gives a good overview of what Facebook is good for in The Facebook Era (affiliate link). Of course, this book suffers from what all books, increasingly, suffer from: the fact that they’re books.  By the time they are edited and published, 25% of the information is outdated. Continue Reading »

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Apr 27 2009

Your Customers Have You Right Where They Want You

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Or, at least they should.

Recently, the iPhone reached a significant milestone: 1 billion apps downloaded. No matter what industry you are in, your customers are connecting with the Web and with brands in exciting ways—in ways that are more personal than ever before. Are they connecting with yours? Continue Reading »

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