Mar 30 2010

Google Chrome Adds Translation Bar By Default

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Today I noticed something new on a Spanish language site: a toolbar asking me if I wanted to automatically translate the page into English.

This is the type of functionality that makes me get warm fuzzies for Google. Oh, and it brings the Star Trek universal translator and Douglas Adams’ Babel Fish one step closer to reality. Continue Reading »

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Mar 23 2010

The Four Ways To Add Value Now That Everything Is “Meta”

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The simple fact of the matter is there are not that many news-worthy events that happen in a day. But, the amount of content is exploding. So, here’s what happens:

1. Something happens

2. People talk about what happened

3. People talk about what people said about what happened

4. People try to link what people said about what people said about what happened to a grand unifying theory

Let’s look at an example:

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