Nov 23 2009

Windows 7 Campaign Hits the Mark

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Justin Kownacki is great at taking down marketing douchebags, but misses the mark when talking about Microsoft’s Windows 7 campaign.

The basic premise is that he takes Microsoft to task for treating the customer like they don’t understand the technology, they don’t care about the technology, and they’re lazy.  He is wrong – this campaign supports the customer and their goals. Continue Reading »

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Jun 30 2009

Insights From the Trenches

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Lizabeth Cohen, author of A Consumers’ Republic, is a good resource for marketers looking at how we will start to emerge from the current recession and how the new consumption landscape may be different on the other side. Recently, she was interviewed forAdAge. Continue Reading »

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May 08 2009

Use Conversation Audits for Your R&D

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With the recession in full swing, new product launches are down 51% in 2008. Firms are taking a more cautious approach to finding and developing new products, and axing ideas earlier in the development cycle. Continue Reading »

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