Sep 26 2010

Stylebot Gives Users Control to Eliminate Display Advertising

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If you’re like most marketers, you buy your digital display advertising on a CPM basis. But, what if you found out that your thousand impressions were really only 700? Or 500? That is a real possibility with the new Chrome extension, Stylebot. Continue Reading »

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Jan 28 2010

How Customer Forums Will Make HR’s Job Easier

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After being neglected for years, company-sponsored forums and boards are being resurrected under the auspices of socializing brands.  For many complicated products and services, customers are self-sorting on forums, demonstrating their expertise and ability to solve problems for others.  If managed properly, today’s brightest customers will be tomorrow’s best employees.  Human Resources departments, which struggle to find candidates that are already knowledgeable about the business, will be able to source an active, engaged talent pool directly from their company resources.

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Nov 29 2009

Amazon Crowdsources Television Advertising

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Amazon is a digital native company, which means that they think first about the customer, and the customer’s needs and goals.  So, when they decided that they needed to start advertising on television, they went about the process in a way that activated their passionate and committed fan base. Continue Reading »

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